Horsham, York, Beaconsfield and Telford updated openings!

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Submitted by Ryan on Thu, 2014-06-05 23:19

Along with Salisbury opening yesterday, Nando's have also been busy updating a couple more opening dates on their own website. This means:

- Telford has seemingly been delayed as its 2nd July opening is no longer present
- York has been given an opening date of 9th July
- Horsham has been given an opening of 16th July
- Beaconsfield has been added to the "in the making" section
(all shown here)

The boards at Beaconsfield services also show an "end of July" opening date, so fingers crossed it is ready in time!

This makes both York and Horsham a rather spicy Extra Hot on our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours page... and for now... we're leaving Telford on there as well.

Remember to keep up with all the latest info on new openings and Rate Your Nando's events by viewing our Opening Soon & Restaurant Rumours and News pages - and if you have more info on this or any other news sources then join in our community and contact us now!

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