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This was my first visit
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Almost Full
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Saturday, November 14, 2015
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Weekend Dinner (Inc Friday)
3.75 / 5
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4 (Good stuff. Very polite)
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2 (15 - 25 mins - Where's the food? Might have asked a staff member)
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4 (Above average - noticeably tastier than normal)
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5 (An exceptional Nando's! (Please tell us why) )
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Final Nando's of the day, and after a 20 minute bus ride and a walk, I arrived. Entering the outlet, we were seated immediately, being shown to a table by a friendly Nandoca.

After pondering the menu, I went to place my order at the till. I read it out, which did slightly baffle the Nandoca at first as I don't think she had ever been asked for this particular combination before. However a quick chat with the manager and the order was placed after finding the right button to press. Payment taken, I returned to the table via the cutlery and sauce area.

The meal arrived after 20 minutes, which was quite a long wait, however the outlet was incredibly busy which included a kids birthday party so it could be excused. I had ordered 5 chicken wings, one of each spice, with chips and salad. The chicken was delicious. Smothered in sauce, with the flavours of each really coming through in to the chicken. They fell off the bones, and there was very little waste which is a good sign with wings. The chips were good, and the salad was a nice and refreshing finish to the meal.

This Nando's was incredibly clean. There were a large number of Nandocas around clearing, and ensuring all the tables were wiped down with floors kept clean. There was a real pride in the appearance of their outlet. The toilets were similarly very clean, however their design confused me slightly! The outlet is quite long, with seating for a very large number of Nandos fans. There is one big central booth that had copper pipe hanging down with lights on the end, as a 'feature' piece. Lots of curved walls and curved seating has been used here, with some rather interesting murals on the walls. The till and grill are as you enter, with a large area to the right of the door for those waiting to be seated. There is a small seating area outside too, which is quite sheltered, but not from the day's heavy rain!

A good outlet. It is quite out of the way if you are visiting the area (20 minute bus journey on the 5/5A/5B and a walk) but good if you happen to be passing through. It is located on a small retail park which also includes a Burger King, Toys R Us, TK Maxx, and electrical stores. It is a short walk from Hove railway station, and off any main bus routes as mentioned previously. There are plenty of free parking spaces outside the outlet, which is good as this outlet is most certainly best to reach by car.

Very nice, and would come here again if I happened to be in the area!

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