Rate YOUR Nando's Review of the Month Competition

Everyone loves free Nando's so here's how!

As of 1 July 2017, we relaunched our competition in a monthly format with a £30 Nando's gift card up for grabs for the writer of the review of the month! We look for detailed additional comments carefully explaining each rating. Reviews for new, recently refurbished and unrated restaurants are particularly sought after! Photos, puns, spelling and distance travelled are also considered.

What better incentive to Rate YOUR Nando's than FREE Nando's?! Click here to enter now and remember you must be logged in to enter. Sign up now if you haven't yet. Remember that reviews by the team (James and Marc) and Ryan are exempt from the competition.

In order to spread the Nando's love as far and as wide as possible, no individual reviewer can win twice in the same quarter.

If you win, we'll email you for details of where to post the prize. Receipt can take 5 - 8 days so please allow that long before contacting us.

Recent Winners:

Competition Number:
Mon 26-01-15 to Sun 01-02-15

Elliott constructed another meticulous Nando's review, this time of a busy Newcastle Nando's for which he deserves a £10 Nando's gift card! Congratulations!

Elliott's picture

A visit to Newcastle would not be complete without popping in to the Nando's, and after visiting both Metrocentre outlets to find a queue of at...Read more

Competition Number:
Mon 19-01-15 to Sun 25-01-15

Gerry wins our weekly competition again after a mammoth chicken day in which she conquered 4 Manchester Nando's! Another £10 Nando's gift card is all yours, congratulations!

Gerry Louis's picture

So, it was whilst we were in Oxford Road we decided that three Nando's would now become four and we added this one in as Elliott has not been here...Read more

Competition Number:
Mon 12-01-15 to Sun 18-01-15

Gerry wins our weekly competition with her thorough account of RYNonTour on a day in which she visited 3 different Manchester Nando's! A £10 Nando's gift card is all yours!

Gerry Louis's picture

Nando's 103 and my second visit to the amazing city of Manchester!
Next time I'm up I'll have to visit Old Trafford again but for these next...Read more

Competition Number:
Mon 05-01-15 to Sun 11-01-15

Blaynos wins our weekly competition with this detailed description of Camden Nando's. A £10 Nando's gift card is all yours! Congratulations!

Blaynos's picture

My last Nando's of 2014 was set to be a distinctly underwhelming one - before being saved by the food itself. The Camden branch is in between...Read more

Competition Number:
Mon 29-12-14 to Sun 04-01-15

Damien's detailed description of the latest Nando's quest visit wins our weekly competition. A £10 Nando's gift card is on the way to you!

Damien's picture

Due to the impending roadblock that is Nando's 85: Middlesbrough, we've taken our merry time to get to 84. Being London(ish), we decided to visit...Read more